Best Punggol Tutor for Primary English, Maths Science

The Best Punggol tutor with proven record to jump two grades within the first semester. Tutor in Punggol for Primary and Secondary English, Math and Science

Top Punggol tutor with great review by parents for Primary English, Mathematics and Science at The Sail, Marina Bay. Experienced and with proven track record, our female tutors in Punggol at eduKate Punggol will help your child to learn and thrive in school. eduKate Punggol female tutors are dedicated, patient and loved by our primary students and parents, providing a nurturing and happy class environment that keeps on fine tuning and streamlining to make sure our students receive the finest education.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

English Course Singapore
Primary English Course by eduKate Punggol tutor.

We learn how to teach again, and again. Specifically, as specificity allows immediate improvements.

Yes we do. We learn how to teach, again, and again, and again, whenever we have a class with our Punggol students every day. Be it in Primary English, Math, or Science class, we adapt, we change, we evolve, and we become better at teaching our students by looking at them individually and learning what works and what does not. Their character and habits will be taken into account during tuition, and that’s how our specificity becomes our mantra.

To be the best, we start by listening.

Specifically tailoring our class to primary students, our Punggol tutor examine, analyse and execute the best teaching methods for that exact individual to thrive in school. Our specificity for each and every individual eduKate student means our students gets a premium education.We listen to what the child is saying, asking. And our parents give us information on their child’s character, their likes and dislikes. Then we formulate. Then tailor it throughout the lesson, week after week, till the student improves and there is this tipping point where they go from walking to running, and then to flying. We look for these datum points that will cause these changes, and evolve our students to be the best that they can be.

edukate tuition psle seab english
PSLE eduKate Tuition Centre Singapore Punggol Tutor,  Tampines MOE SEAB PSLE Syllabus 2015 GCE O’ levels English Maths and Science IB IP Programme Marina Bay UWCSEA

New students, new beginnings.

Every new student that comes to our Punggol tuition centre has a specific set of needs. It can be poor memory for student Jamie and we train her to be diligent, or an exemplary Tina that only needs to brush up on skills to make sure she eek out the last few points in PSLE to get into a top school. Whichever their needs, we customise and execute an efficient plan to teach that child, for that very specific child, and our Punggol tutor will adapt our materials specific for that child.

What makes us premium in Punggol is the fact that we approach our classes as a fresh opportunity to instil holistic custom knowledge into an individual. We keep our class small.

Nurturing Punggol tutors at eduKate are a team of female tutors that encourages primary students in our tuition to do well in their examination by being patient and observing how our students learn. And we will customise our approach to their learning habits because we know they all learn differently. As our class are small group, we know each and every student and follow their progress.

One tutor, period.

We do not rotate our team of tutors for the academic year, so our Punggol tutor know the students habits, strength and weaknesses throughly. Also, our Punggol tutor follows the students through the years, and in some cases, our students stay all the way to their secondary school with that same tutor. We have students that started in Primary 5, and graduating Secondary school this year. Yes Alicia, that’s you. Oh and if you are wondering, she got A1 in her Additional Mathematics Prelimns last month.

We play the long game, and we make sure our tutorial classes are the best in Punggol. No short cuts.

Happy Punggol Students learning English Tuition Class
Primary English Tuition Class by eduKate Punggol tutor where students are always happy when they learn.

Happy classes, Happy student. Empowering and confident in class.

A happy student learns faster than one that does not feel good about studying. We know that and that is why our classes are lively, have interesting materials and our students love to come have classes with our Punggol tutors. A close rapport with students and their parents means we know how our students are doing in school, and if they are learning effectively.

Punggol tutor in action, and our students have an Oreo break once they have done some great work. They always do great work, so there’s plenty of Oreo’s that cheers them up.

We know our Parents too.

Working hand in hand with parents allows us to know first hand what we can do and change to improve our teaching methods to our students. We feedback to our parents, tell them how well their child has done, and what else we can do to improve their learning progress. Our students are our best source of understanding our students. The better we understand our students, the better we can teach them. We will look for triggers that will speed up their improvements. Some students love a good encouragement, a pat on the back for Joseph helps him try harder, or some student love a good competition, and the winner is Kate, she did the best in this test, and Jenny wants to better Kate next time round. The list goes on and on, and we employ all methods to make it work. Hence, a premium tuition centre taught by very dedicated Punggol tutors.

Small Group Tuition Science Primary 5 Advanced Level Students attempting Past Year Exam Papers. EOY Papers.
edukate singapore tuition centre1003
PSLE Singapore Maths Student in eduKate Singapore Tuition Centre Our typically Happy and optimistic students learns more when empowered and encouraged in all the right places.
Nurturing Punggol tutors at eduKate are a team of female tutors that encourages primary students to do well in their examination through by being patient and observing how our students learn. And we will customise our approach to their learning habits because we know they all learn differently.

Call Yuet Ling at +65 8222 6327 for our Punggol tutors and their magical touch. You’ll love what you see.

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