English Tuition Primary Class Online Punggol for “The”, “Three” and “Tree”

English Tuition Primary Class Online Punggol Waterway Point Singapore with the topic “The”, “Three” and “Tree”.

A most problematic pronunciation for Singapore Primary school student, these words are ironed out in our English Tuition Classes which habitually makes one sound like the other if left untreated.


The word “The” are usually pronounced wrongly as “duh” by Singapore students when it should be;

How to pronounce “the” or “thee”

Usually the problem is caused by the letters “th” and said with a “short” tongue in Singapore. It ends up sounding with a “d” like dead, down, duh=the.

“Three” and “Tree”

These two words are commonly mispronounced too, with Singapore Primary students saying the word “Three” as “Tree”.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones that gets it wrong, with this youtube video which goes on to Three, Tree and Free.

Three Trees are Free

The Three Trees at Waterway Point are Free!

Start getting your child to say these words properly and keep at it.

Score in Oral examinations!

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