Punggol Tuition for Sec 3 Additional Mathematics

Punggol Tuition for Additional Mathematics for Secondary 3. Course for A Mathematics Secondary Tuition Express/N(A) A Maths Add Math.

Why join our class?

  • Course tutor Kin Leong teaches to understand everything in A Math.
  • Tutor will also discuss real world usefulness and application using Add Math.
  • Classes are small group format of 6 pax max.
  • Effective, Easy to Understand Sessions by 18 years full time tutor.
  • We make A Math easy to understand so that it can be applied in examinations.
  • Understand Additional Mathematics for students who finds it difficult in school.
  • Course designed specially for students getting below par and requires guidance.
  • Students generally gain 20-30 marks after attending our lessons.
  • Coursework prepares students to score A1 for GCE O level Additional Math.
  • Latest syllabus SEAB GCE O level Additional Mathematics Syl 4047.
  • Trains students by spotting common questions that students find tricky.
  • Course identifies student’s common mistakes and eliminates it.
  • Coursework trains out of the box thinking and improves studying skills.

Course outline for Semester 1 Sec 3 for Add Math in Punggol tuition classes up till end of May for Mid Year Examinations

  • Quadratics, including Modulus Functions
  • Indices Surds and Logarithm
  • Polynomials, Remainder and Factor Theorem
  • Partial Fractions and Cubic Expressions
  • Binomial Expansions
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Advanced graph skills
  • Revision and Past Year Papers for Mid Year Examinations.

Course outline for Semester 1 Sec 3 for Add Math in Punggol tuition classes up till end of Sept for End of Year Examinations.

  • Trigonometry
  • Further Trigonometry and Identities
  • Proof in Plane geometry
  • Calculus (for schools with accelerated learning curriculum)
  • Revision and Past Year Papers for End of Year Examinations

Our tuition for Add Math are taught by Kin Leong, with 18 years full time experience. Kindly call +65 91811929 for class schedules.

Typical class for Sec 3. Photo taken by Kin Leong with students preparing for EOY Examinations.

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