Small Group Tuition for Punggol PSLE English

Secondary Sec1,2,3,4 GCE O level English Tuition in Punggol in small group format.

We conduct small group tuition classes for Punggol English with SEAB MOE GCE O level Syllabus.

Why join us for Secondary English tuition?

  • Top Punggol group of English educated tutors.
  • Our Tutors actually attended English classes in University
  • Small group format of 6 pax
  • Fellow students and tutors are inclusive and friendly to new comers
  • We identify and tailor teaching techniques to suit each and every student
  • We clear all weaknesses and doubts of our students
  • Students learn various methods and tricks to answer and score
  • Students learn the marking scheme and where marks are awarded
  • Students have a better judgement of how to attain better grades
  • Students learn all facets of the English language
  • Tutors are hands on and provides 24/7 assistance during exam preparations
  • Our English classes are well received by Parents and Students

We help you understand the topics, improve your study skills, and gain detailed insight into the subject matter to properly master and have the best answers for your examination.

Punggol Small Group English Maths Tuition Secondary Intensive GCE O level Tutor
Intensive Small Group Tuiton for GCE O levels.
English Tuition in Punggol, student attempts the GCE O level past year papers
Student attending English Tuition classes in Punggol working on Comprehension for GCE O levels past year exam papers
Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition Classes Sec1 Sec2 Sec3 Sec4 Small Group Tuition Centre
Tutor Kin Leong in Melbourne Australia May 2017
Punggol Tuition Centre English Maths Science Secondary Sec1 Sec2 Sec3 Sec4 Small Group Punggol Tutor
Kin Leong in an Australian Bush. Fire razed through this bush last year.
Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition
Punggol English and Math Tutor Kin Leong at Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia. Can’t help taking photos with these awesome iconic bath houses.


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